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TOPIC atoz
growing up 51
Growing Up 17
podcast 15
Cast of Wonders 12
fiction 11
Growing Up In A War Zone A Newsround... 10
Television Program 10
Young Adult Fiction 10
Funny or Die Video Archive 9
childhood 7
funny 7
Capital Public Radio 6
Insight 6
Sacramento public radio 6
capture your flag 6
comedy 6
erik michielsen 6
Fantasy 5
Growing up 4
McGinty podcast 4
family 4
family foundations 4
friends 4
growing 4
CSU Sacramento 3
California 3
Community Media 3
KMVT15 Community Media 3
Modern Fantasy 3
Mountain View 3
Public Access TV 3
Science Fiction 3
Youtube 3
art 3
audiobook 3
children 3
humor 3
india 3
kids 3
librivox 3
poetry 3
up 3
women 3
1940s 2
1960s 2
2013 2
30th show!! 2
6 death sentences? 2
90 year old saves 67 year old wife from a fire 2
Africa and the middle east 2
All are welcome on my show 2
Am I losing my mind or am I pumping it up for the show 2
Andy Chapman, Director of Tourism, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association 2
Attempted home invasion 2
Audio slows during my Journey bit 2
Batman vs. Superman and Star wars trailers 2
Bible 2
Boston bomber apologizes 2
Calendar 2
Cespedes and the Mets 2
Civic Engagement (Organization Sector) 2
Coney Island 2
Cosby and his criminal fetishes 2
Cougars and the age double standard 2
Couples that have the one celebrity they can sleep with 2
Danny Merkley, Director of Water Resources for the California Farm Bureau Federation 2
Dark humor 2
Dave Dombrowski fired 2
Dave Kocharhook 2
Do I dance like a gay guy? 2
Doing just an audio show? 2
Donald Trump 2
Donald Trump and Megan Kelly 2
Doshmynthrill 2
Ellen Klages 2
Fat Chris Christie 2
Fat Chris Christie Vs. Rand Paul audio 2
Fat Chris Christie officially running for president 2
Fiction 2
Gay parade in turkey 2
Guys that are into grannies 2
Hulk Hogan's situation 2
I accidentally pulled up the webcam 2
I am a Taylor Swift fan 2
I am thankful for the way I was raised 2
I can wobble 2
I don't think Henry Cavill is that bright 2
I have to split the audio again 2
I just find this yucky 2
I may strip down and wobble now 2
I opened a beer in the back of a police car at 17 2
I shave 2
I want more info on the guy having sex with the shrubs 2
I'm an open book 2
I'm coughing like an asshole 2
I'm going to become a motivational speaker 2
I'm not into things in my bum 2
I'm pro public sex 2
I'm sexually permissive 2
I'm sick of hearing about the Tom Brady thing 2
I'm way too hairy a fuck 2
Insulting my looks 2
Isis LaCoste 2
It was difficult watching hockey growing up 2
JJ Abrams 2
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorce 2
Joe coming on the show? 2
Joe's wedding 2
John Renesch 2
Journey drummer rapes his wife 2
Judie Panneton 2
Judith Horstman 2
Love, Sex and the Brain 2
Man had his conviction overturned in 1980 and is still in jail 2
Maurice Roos, Chief Hydrologist, Division of Flood Management, California Department of Water Resources 2
Mike Napoli traded 2
More talk about Joe on the show 2
My accident update 2
My dance moves 2
Needing to show how manly one is 2
Our enemies wacky reasons for killing Americans 2
Pete Rose and underage girls 2
Princess Scientist 2
Proud Americans: Growing up as Children of Immigrants 2
Rand Paul Vs Fat Chris Christie 2
Rape within a marriage 2
Reference Point 2
Rikki LaCoste 2
Rivkah Sass, Director, Sacramento Public Library's I Street Press 2
Roller derby girl chases down purse snatcher 2
Rowdy Roddy Piper's death 2
Russian character 2
Russian character is a conspiracy theorist 2
Sacramento Public Library 2
Saving Society 2
Scientific American Book of Love, Sex and the Brain, The 2
Scooby doo costume 2
Sermon 2
Sexual age range 2
Sierra snowpack 2
Staff Pick 2014 2
Super hairy roller derby girl 2
Super hero and comic book culture 2
Superman's boner 2
The Great Growing Up 2
The strokes and the cat arrives 2
The way the Islamic world views homosexuality 2
The way the third world treats women 2
These culture's can't deal with their sexual feelings 2
This show is a party 2
What I've done with this show 2
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's open marriage 2
Witch Doctors advocate severing the limbs of Albino's for good luck 2
Young Adult fiction 2
access 2
actors getting erections during sex scenes 2
addiction and parenting 2
adult 2
anal sex is not my favorite thing 2
another masturbating in public story involving a man and a cucumber 2 video issues 2
asking again how women feel about creepy guys doing creepy things 2
attack of the killer tomatoes documentary 2
baseball trades 2
baseball was always my sport 2
best of show I attempted to do before vacation 2
black community supporting gay rights? 2
blood made me pass out as a kid 2
body hair and shaving in general 2
brilliant loud noise while people are sleeping in my house bit 2
caveman 2
character development 2
child 2
childhood icons dead on disgraced 2
community 2
conceal and carry story 2
death penalty protesters at Boston bomber sentencing 2
delivery sucked the content was okay 2
depraved indifference to human life 2
do women prefer a shaved man or a hairy man 2
double standard with teacher/student sex 2
drugs 2
empowering to women? 2
entitlement 2
europe 2
florida 2
football player killed by police who were investigating robbery 2
friendship 2
fun 2
gay culture when I was growing up 2
gay marriage 2
generation ship 2
getting older 2
getting to know your parents 2
give my dad the thumbs up 2
gofundme to fix my gap teeth 2
up-solid down-solid